my brain hurts.


chaos to your order.

A collaborative piece experimenting with composition with James Drayson. There is something very pleasing about finding a composition that just feels right without really having an explanation for why. Plus we managed not to kill each other while producing them. Bonus.

in retrospect.

It was pretty much a manic few days putting up the First Impressions show, but completely worth it. It may have been and gone but the next few posts are what I have been up to over the past few weeks.

i have not…

…dropped off the edge of the earth (is there an edge?) but have admittedly been entirely hopeless when it comes to keeping up to date with all things online, but I have been doing actual real life things which I am going to post up here over the next couple of days. I promise.


It took a while but we have finished printing the new colour sample book for the studio, so the next obvious step was to pin up all the letters in the corridor…

After spending a few weeks on some of my own work (photos and website updates soon) I’ve been setting type for posters which are forming part of a collaboration between the Letterpress room and the Printmaking studio. More info on that coming soon.

its been a while…

I have been rubbish at updating the blog and this week I am DEFINITELY going to. In the mean time, here are some photos from D&AD which we were at a few weeks ago. Such a hard decision about what work to show/put on the board.