More updates on what I have been doing… An ongoing mission in the Letterpress studios at Plymouth Uni is re-labeling the hundreds of trays of type. It seems a simple task but makes a huge difference to the overall working of the space. James Drayson redesigned the labels and over the past few months (continuing for the next year) we have begun to remove old labels, clean trays and stick the new ones on.


recent history.

I have not blogged for SO long and finally my guilty conscious has got the better of me and I have a few minutes to update my blog. I have been doing a few different projects since my last blog post. I had a commission to produce a piece of promotional material for the Illustration strand of the MA Publishing course at Plymouth. I decided to make a book which could be read two ways. I used screenprint to get the eye-popping colours and letterpress to add the text on, a narrative story written by myself. Although it was probably the most process-heavy piece of work I have ever done I am so glad I did it as it gave me a chance to put my work in a different context and pushed my design skills.

You can see pictures of the finished piece on my website.